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Constantly growing tiktok influencer/creator portfolio means

Our tech powered community is the key to your success.

We have a huge network of TikTok influencers as well as all the data and creative experience needed to generate downloads for your app. Our influencer marketing platform and network will help you reach the right demographic and take your app or apps to the next level. Our proven track record in using TikTok to market apps makes us one of the leading influencer agencies and platforms. We not only have a detailed grasp of TikTok as a social channel and the various user types we also have world leading creators and creative support to make sure the content entertains, informs and engages the right people.

Yoke App

The key touchpoint for our 4000+ influencer network. A self-service platform for influencers to earn, create, and collaborate with Yoke. 

Genius Lab

Leveraging our internal technology - this is where the growth happens. Over the last three years, we have perfected the mix of creativity, TikTok know-how, and a mass of data to help our clients grow and scale through our influencer network.

Client Dashboard

Our client dashboard gives you full transparency on the performance of your influencer activation. With access to daily spend, installs, and key success indicators, you will remain in the know.

How we scaled Wink across the globe to maximise views on content

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Effortless scale

Gain long term UA and content creation and utilise your brand-new, unsaturated audience. We'll give you the tools to scale your app with creators for minimal effort.

1.5 billion TikTok views and counting

Our stats speak for themselves - content curated by influencers is being seen by all audiences, from Baby Boomers to the unobtainable Gen Z.

Instant deals for creators

Create an ad and get paid the same day. We make earning through influencing simple.

Superior support

Our talented team is experienced in all things influencer, creative content and social media. We always ensure a smooth path to deliver results.

Content at scale

We produce high volumes of high-quality content, with download rates landing many clients the #1 app spot.

Campaigns at speed

We'll put a plan together, fast, with all of your KPIs in mind for quick delivery.

"I knew influencers would be a good way to advertise and Yoke were the perfect platform to help us scale. And guess what? We've been on top of the app charts thanks to them - going from an unknown app to Top 5 in many different countries in only a few weeks. Thank you, Yoke!"

Jacquelin de Maillé

Luni/Nutrition Coach

"Yoke utilised TikTok to improve our CPA to levels much lower than we’d previously seen. Yoke are a company that are invested in understanding your app and your key audience, to deliver beyond expectations."

Hans De Jongh


"The team at Yoke were able to reach our target audience at a reasonable cost - their communication and friendliness were a bonus too. Their results also showed a huge increase in organic downloads as well as tracked - we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them."

Sebastian Cosentino Jr

Performance Marketing Director, Goalsetter

"Yoke gave us the best offering that exists in the performance-based Influencer Marketing world. We got a great inflow of targeted users, communication was rapid. and the result was the best of it all!"

Polina Polekhina

Influencer Marketing Manager, Vochi

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