How to Rebrand in 2024

Louie Adedeji
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Key Takeways

Now is the perfect time to begin rebranding in 2024

A powerful Ad campaign is what you need to successfully drive new customers

Here's a case study of how we've done the same for one of our clients

How to Rebrand in 2024? This is a case study of how we helped rebrand a game through our Ad campaign with them.

We're 1 THIRD of the way through the 1st month of the year and it is important as a brand, you are thinking about how you can rebrand and level up in 2024

The power of an effective Ad campaign can do this :

  • Exploring your core audience and learning there interests which you can highlight in your creative.
  • Finding new niche audiences that resonate with your advert.

Let’s walk through this Yoke X Drill and Collect case study. We exercised these strategies

Drill and Collect⛏️

16 creatives (4 creators with x4 variations each)
focusing on Drill and Collect

Core Target Audience

USA, Aged 18-44

The Brief
Apps Mobile Games were seeking to promote Drill and Collect, their causal idle mining game. Yoke was tasked to create engaging UGC to drive user acquisition. It was essential to captivate the audience's attention and communicate the game's fun nature.


Yoke strategically outlined the relevant content types that would maximise  potential impact.

Skit content was used to convey the excitement of the game

Explainers where authentic emotion set the tone

ASMR was also included which was built around the game’s satisfying mechanics

The team then wrote impactful hooks for the creator which was built on historical data and research.


The client saw phenomenal results when pairing the content with interact elements on Applovin. Playable end cards were tailored to each concept narrative which provided a clear payoff that related back to the initial hook.

The success with Applovin showcases the versatility of Yoke’s creator network and content across ad platforms and placements.


-90% CPI reduction with new platform placements

16 creatives delivered

Geo: USA


By understanding the unique hooks and content preferences of the audience, the campaign not only captivated attention but also drove positive ROI for the client.


  • Develop an innovative and meticulously designed strategy.
  • Demonstrate your product as the unrivaled solution to your audience's ongoing obstacles.
  • Seamlessly integrate these visuals into timeless content to highlight the indispensable features of your product.

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