The brief

Nutrition Coach, an app where users can easily monitor food nutrients and calorie consumption, came to Yoke Network for help targeting young people who are looking to understand and improve their diet.

Their team wanted to SCALE GLOBALLY and reach new users to increase app store ranking. That’s where we came in - with the aim to TARGET GEN-Z ON TIKTOK using influencer marketing.

What we did

We launched the app on our influencer network, targeting TikTok influencers from both the UK and the US to help promote this app, using our internally carefully created strategy, mixing lifestyle and fitness verticals.

The influencers created content demonstrating how they used the Nutrition Coach app in their own lives, helping the audience understand the potential benefits, and encouraging them to download it.

We stayed native to TikTok content, and over 9 months, we saw some incredible results

How it went

With creators like AdamPukesOnHaters and Calzy on board (with 2 million followers and 400,000 followers on TikTok), we achieved over 5 million views over the 9 months, resulting in 1.4 million total installs.

Not only this, but we also increased daily installs by 47% over this period, and decreased the CPI by 68% too. 

Oh, and the biggest success? Nutrition Coach reached the #1 spot on the App Store for Health & Fitness apps in the UK.

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Yoke Network definitely has our trust as they've shown they're able to reach difficult goals and have helped us to achieve our ambitions. We went from an unknown app to the top 5 in several countries in only a few weeks. With Yoke, we are able to scale aggressively and continue our growth

Jacquelin de Maillé
Head of UA - Luni

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