The Future of AI Marketing

Mustafa Mohamed
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Key Takeways

AI's increasing involvement in Marketing

The ways in which AI can help marketers

Work with Yoke for expertise in AI led Marketing

The future of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in marketing is very exciting! In this blog we'll go through some of the changes one should expect to see by 2030!

Personalisation and Targeting

AI allows marketers to produce meaningful campaigns with greater engagement as you can use it find large volume of data showing target audience's preferences, behaviour and demographics.

Chatbots and Virtual Assistants

24/7 Customer support AI powered chat bots allow customers to given immediate answers to their queries, streamlining the service.

Recommendation Systems

Increased customer engagement through cross-selling and up-selling suggested products based on customer services.

Predicting outcomes

AI services cam help marketers predicts customer behaviours and outcomes. This predictive analytics, increase customer engagement and satisfaction.

Market Research and Insights

AI's ability to oversee vast data sources provides invaluable insights into market trends, consumer preference and competitors. This helps marketers make informed decisions and develop effective strategies.

Yoke uses AI

Here at Yoke, we use AI in the many ways mentioned above to get market leading research and produce quality results. If you are a brand wanting tp maximise your marketing efforts then don't hesitate, contact us today and get ready for a level up!

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