The brief

DealDash’s goal was to EXPAND their presence within the US, their target audience. By testing with Yoke, they sought out to discover which creative concepts best portray the online bidding shopping app to drive low cost installs.

What we did

Through our close partnership with TikTok and understanding of the platform, we were able to work around TikTok’s strict ad policies around ‘gambling’ related apps, as DealDash is considered by TikTok’s standards. This enabled us to develop useable creative content to effectively resonate with DealDash’s audience, resulting in a CPI that EXCEEDED their target.

How it went

We experienced a significant organic impact as the campaign progressed, resulting in combined organics + tracked CPI -84% below the client’s target. In addition to this, we saw the CPI continue to trend downwards by a total of -64%!


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