The brief

ZIPZERO is a a finance/shopping app that contributes towards its users’ monthly bills. By leveraging Yoke as their first UA channel, their goal has been to GROW their app’s user base by at least 100k over the course of one month.

What we did

By leveraging our historical data from previous campaigns, we were able to test 8 unique creative concepts, resulting in 50K+ installs within 2 weeks of launching.

How it went

While CPA was not the initial focus of the campaign, we have maintained a CPA -94% compared to the client’s long term target, resulting in new high quality users.

This campaign made a significant organics impact, providing on iOS for every 1 tracked install, a result of 3.23 iOS organic installs.

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The numbers skyrocketed in user acquisition, Yoke did a splendid job here. You have a great team, people who are really involved, and they know what they’re doing”

Marcin Walaszczyk,

Co-Founder & COO/CTO

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