Yoke X SuperPlay Gaming Case Study

Louie Adedeji
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Key Takeways
  • Successful gaming ad campaigns leverage diverse content styles such as intense scenarios (REVENGE😡), relaxation themes (ASMR🎤), and humor (HUMOUR😂) to appeal to a wide audience.
  • The Yoke X SuperPlay case study demonstrated the effectiveness of a well-executed strategy, testing 60 creatives focusing on specific demographics and achieving improved performance metrics in the USA market.
  • Overall, achieving gaming ad campaign success requires a thoughtful approach, incorporating varied emotions and situations, showcasing the product as a solution, and emphasizing essential features in engaging, approachable content.

We're highlighting how you can achieve Gaming Ad Campaign Success! The power of an effective gaming campaign is seen through the following: The average revenue per user (ARPU) in the in-game advertising market was expected to hit US$8.67 by New Years Day. TikTok has cemented its status as a critical channel for mobile gaming advertisers Let’s walk through this Yoke X SuperPlay case study. We tested a new strategy!


Here were the Deliverables:
60 creatives (20 concepts with 3 variations each)
Focusing on Dice Dreams & Dominos Dreams.

The Core Target Audience

Women, 35+

We accounted for historical performance, together with key guidelines and legals.

By doing so we developed the following winning concepts…

Check out our THREE best performing content style!


We focused on showcasing a situation where someone who was wronged gets their revenge in a satisfying way.

Tone: We envisioned a captivating and exhilarating scenario, filled with intense emotions and humor.


CPI: $8


Performance :

CPI: $6.27



We focused on emphasising the app's relaxing aspect, and showcase how players can escape from reality when playing the game

Tone: Light-hearted, relaxing,
and storytelling.


IPM: 1.29



IPM: 3.3



Crafting funny and entertaining ads that resonate with the audience's sense of humour,  trying to make the brand
more approachable.

Tone: Light-hearted, witty,
and amusing.

Main Message: Convey that your brand has a playful and relatable personality, making it approachable and enjoyable


Overall, the strategy aims to create diverse ad campaigns
to appeal to different emotions and situations that game players to use the app.

Yoke says 🤓

Building your Gaming campaigns with a well executed strategy can lead to exponential success.


  • Create a groundbreaking and carefully crafted strategy.
  • Showcase your product as the unparalleled solution to your audience's persistent challenges.
  • Effortlessly incorporate these illustrations into timeless content to emphasise the essential features of your product.

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