Elevate Your UGC Videos:  Yoke Network’s Expert Advice for Influencers Using Smartphones

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Key Takeways
  • High-quality UGC videos require attention to lighting, utilizing natural light and accessories like softboxes or reflectors.
  • Framing techniques such as the rule of thirds can enhance the composition and visual appeal of your videos.
  • Audio quality is crucial, so find a quiet environment, consider using a lavalier microphone and ensure consistent sound levels. Explore popular editing apps like Adobe Premiere Rush, Capcut, Inshot and Splice to refine your videos. Collaborating with Yoke Network can further enhance your UGC videos and connect you with top brands.

This blog will teach you how to make high-quality user-generated content (UGC) videos. We've got you covered on everything from lighting strategies to framing your photographs utilising the rule of thirds. Don't underestimate the value of audio quality and check at popular editing tools like Inshot, Capcut and Splice. By collaborating with Yoke Network, a reputable creator marketing firm, you can improve your UGC videos, engage your audience, and connect with leading companies. Yoke Network can help you realise your full potential and boost your influencer content.


For aesthetically pleasing videos, good lighting is necessary. Consider the following guidelines when filming UGC videos:

Your best buddy is natural light. For gentle, pleasing lighting, shoot near windows or outside throughout the day. To avoid sharp shadows, use curtains to diffuse light sources, or try out lighting devices such as a softbox or reflector. Experiment with various lighting configurations to produce the ideal mood or impact for your content.


Correct framing may improve the overall composition and aesthetic appeal of your films. Consider the following framing suggestions:

To produce a balanced and visually appealing composition, apply the rule of thirds.

- Subject Positioning: Align the main subject or focal point of the photograph with one of the vertical gridlines or at a point of junction. This off-centre placement provides visual interest and contributes to the frame's impression of balance and depth.

- Horizon Placement: Consider setting the horizon along one of the horizontal gridlines rather than right in the centre when photographing landscapes or scenarios with a visible horizon. This enables you to highlight more of the sky or foreground, depending on your artistic aim.

- Leading Lines: Use gridlines to align leading lines with the grid, such as roads, paths, or architectural lines. This can help to direct the viewer's attention and produce a more dynamic composition.

Audio Quality

Don't underestimate the significance of audio quality in your UGC videos. Even if the graphics are spectacular, bad audio may derail the watching experience. For better audio, follow these guidelines:

For clear, crisp sound, use a quiet area or use a lavalier microphone to reduce background noise. Check audio levels and make necessary adjustments to provide a consistent sound throughout your film. To improve the overall production value, experiment with background music or sound effects.

Editing Apps

Editing plays a crucial role in refining your UGC videos and adding that professional touch. Consider these popular editing apps for smartphones:

Adobe Premiere Rush: This user-friendly app offers powerful editing capabilities, including trimming, transitions, colour grading and adding titles.

Capcut: Great for making UGC on smartphones since it has a variety of editing tools and features, including as video trimming, transitions, filters, text overlay and music integration, allowing creators to easily improve and personalise their content.

Inshot: Provides users with all the tools they need to edit and enhance their videos with ease, including video trimming, merging, adding music and sound effects, applying filters and effects, adjusting video speed, creating collages, adding text and stickers and enhancing video quality.

Splice: User-friendly interface allows smartphone users to edit UGC videos, with capabilities such as cutting, transitions, filters, effects, playback speed control, music, sound effects and high-quality video exporting.

Become a Creator at Yoke

Elevating your UGC videos is not only possible but achievable through collaboration with Yoke Network, a reputable creator marketing agency. Here at Yoke, we bring our experience, industry knowledge and resources to help creators enhance their aesthetic appeal, engage their audience effectively and establish connections with top brands. By joining forces with us, creators can focus on their creative process, knowing they have a dedicated team supporting their success. Gain access to specialized advice, exclusive partnerships and beneficial relationships that will unlock your potential and enable you to create outstanding UGC films that stand out in the digital arena. Sign up now at TikTok Creators | Yoke Network

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