The brief

Astro Future is an in-depth astrology app where you can get a full and detailed horoscope, a daily horoscope and compare your natal charts with as many people as you’d like. The client wanted to focus on their 2022 horoscope feature which forecasts special moments to come in your year.

We selected TikTok influencers based in both the US and UK to market Astro Future, leveraging popular lifestyle and astrology verticals.

Our team decided to utilise the key marketing moment of the new year, and our Influencers created engaging content around this to help promote Astro Future and its new 2022 horoscope forecasting feature.

What we did

Our team of influencer and TikTok content experts seamlessly positioned Astro Future to further scale for installs with our extensive network of 3000+ influencers and dedicated Account Management.

By understanding Astro Future’s key features, target audience and pillars, Yoke was able to accurately develop a bespoke campaign strategy to exceed Astro Future’s expectations.

Yoke validated previous learnings from testing varying forms of content and are now in a position to succeed further scaling. Astro Future is an app with a small team, and we act as an extension of their UA team.

How it went

Astro Future was able to increase daily installs (500 pre-test campaign vs 1,400 post test campaign) due to the expertise  Yoke Network has developed. This is the result of testing and optimising the influencer and creative in the initial learning phase.

By leveraging historical data, we selected TikTok creators from our network to match Astro Future’s image, selected two well suited concepts and have been able to validate our learnings for a strong positioning as we further scale to drive installs.

Astro Future saw an increase not only in tracked installs, but organic too!

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Yoke is a partner that invested in understanding our app and our key audience and delivered beyond expectations.

They were able to double the installs with very competitive CPI levels and were able to drastically improve the ranking of Astro Future in the app store. Yoke also improved our CPA to levels much lower than we achieved with Apple Search Ads through continuous improvement and testing.

Hans de Jongh,

CEO of Scaldis Pte Ltd 

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