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We’ve pioneered TikTok Advertising, driving results since before the TikTok Ad Platform even existed! 







Genius Lab

Creative Strategy

Our Creative Team is composed of experienced TikTokers who have a deep understanding of the platform. Equipped with our comprehensive data suite and advanced computer vision AI, they are experts at ideation and refining creator briefs to deliver world-class results.

Historical Data

Our Data team has implemented thorough tracking of performance to identify trends and optimize campaigns across industries. By staying ahead of the curve and continuously gathering cross-industry learnings, our confidence continues to increase.


We have established strong relationships with TikTok reps and are recognized as creative marketing partners. This allows us to easily seek assistance when faced with new challenges, further improving the likelihood of optimal results.

Social Tools

We utilize a variety of tools and have developed internal technology to keep us up-to-date on industry best practices, effective tactics, and performance trends. This helps us maintain a competitive edge and deliver the best results for our clients.

Client Dashboard

You’ll receive access to your dashboard as part of onboarding to help you answer most performance-related questions in real time.

  • Tech Benefit 1
    You can track spend, balance, and used influencers/creators
  • Tech Benefit 2
    You can view specific campaign metrics, including views, CTR, and CPI/CPA
  • Tech Benefit 3
    You can access influencer/creator content previews so you know what’s being tested

Why Yoke?

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Scale Influencer Marketing

With our know-how, talented team, and TikTok-approved 4-stage process, we’re always confident we can maximize results.

Influencer Expertise At Your Fingertips

We have a team dedicated to vetting, educating, and scaling our creator network. Our network knows what they’re doing, and we find the best fits for your brand.

A Solution That Best Suits Requirements

If we need to run your ads, we’ve got a team for that. If you just need content, we’ve got a product for that.

Save Hours of Time and Effort

Handling individual influencers can be time-consuming for your team. We handle all the challenging tasks for you, from ideation to negotiation, execution, and analysis, so you can relax and watch the results roll in.

Keep Up With Your Competitors

Our creative strategists spy on your behalf… 👀. We make sure we’re doing things and doing things better. We’re consistently engaging with current social trends, platform policy changes, and ideating creative concepts to make sure you are ahead of the curve.

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