Why does UGC content need to be Authentic?

Louie Adedeji
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Key Takeways

Authentic content is content that is Unique. You want to produce creative that is hard to replicate.

You want your target audience to resonate with your content. Having niche, content allows consumers to associate you with a particular topic!

Use our tips in order to create Authentic Content

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As a creator on TikTok, it is crucial that you are authentic in order to grow a strong and engaged follower base ! We'll be discussing what it means for your content to be 'Authentic' and how UGC content thrives when a product is promoted authentically.

What it means to be Authentic?

The word ‘Authentic’ is to be from an undisputed origin. When creating content, you need to provide your consumers a value which is unique. Whether it is a refreshing perspective on a topic, rare video footage of an amazing holiday or your own personal spin on a viral trend, content needs to be authentic.

Why does my content need to be Authentic?

You are able to establish trust and credibility from your followers. This will help you grow a niche audience who digest your content purely because it is from YOU! This means you are providing them something which ultimately cannot be seen elsewhere.

How do I make my content authentic?

  • Work with brands that align with your values

  • Only commit to working with a brand that makes sense to your image. Don't lose follower engagement through taking work from brands that you know your audience won’t resonate with. 

  • Give honest opinions, if you are lying and overselling a product, your followers WILL KNOW. Give honest positive reviews of how a product has helped you in a particular way

  • The final and most important tip: tell a STORY. The power of UGC is that brands are able to allow creators to use their creative freedom to empower audiences to want to buy a product through a creator's experience using it.

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