The 3 best mobile gaming marketing strategies for Black Friday 2023

Louie Adedeji
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Key Takeways

Use micro-influencers to create UGC content for your Black Friday campaign.

Make use of Black Friday contests and in-app discounts.

Run Spark Ads to target niche audiences.

This week's blog presents the top 3 marketing strategies for Black Friday on TikTok 2023. Prepare to boost your campaigns! With Black Friday arriving on the 24th of November, now is the time for gaming businesses to start implementing the best marketing strategies to maximise this lucrative period in the year.

The Stats 📊

According to Statista:

  • On Black Friday 2019 US mobile gamers spent around US$42 million on mobile games on the Apple App store
  • On Black Friday 2014, the percentage of gaming app sales on the App store was 14.4% which then rose to 42.1% on Black Friday 2019
  • Likewise, on Black Friday 2014, the percentage of gaming app sales on the Google Play Store was 7.3% which then reached 27.6% on Black Friday 2019

What does this mean❓🤔

This shows that the mobile gaming market is growing and that Black Friday is definitely a serious opportunity for sales. We also see that mobile gaming is both growing on Android and IOS devices!

It is crucial that mobile gaming businesses have good marketing strategies for Black Friday 2023. With our help, you will be able to reach this large audience of potential customers and boost them sales⚡️🤑

Now we have established the importance of this event, let's dive into our 3 strategies!

Use UGC content from micro influencers

Use different channels like TikTok, Meta and Youtube to reach a wide potential customer audience. You want to prompt compelling deals and discounts early on. You want to produce creative that fits your target audience. You can do this by using our creative levers: 

Once you’ve tailored our creative levers around your target audience you will have content that will have a consistent message and structure. This means you will have evergreen content that doesn’t fatigue !

Now you know how to create your content, you need to be using UGC for an effective Ad campaign. Why?

Creator-led ads perform better than standard ads on TikTok in 3 ways: 

  • They are 65% better at capturing attention so they have a higher 2 second view through rate.
  • They are 12% more engaging meaning they have a higher 6 second view through rate. 
  • 91%  are watched for longer with a higher 6 second view through rate!

But why micro influencers? 

Well when used correctly by following our creative levers , you will see the following:

  1. They drive higher engagement and more conversions! Ultimately they are seen as ‘real people’, they deliver authenticity that cannot be found from massive influencers- they are relatable!
  2. Typically, they have targeted and niche audiences which allow you to target the consumers you actually want.
  3. They're more cost effective - easier to work with in most cases as they are hungry to grow and will take every opportunity to work with amazing brands.

User discounts and social media Contests

Another strategy for Black Friday success is offering  in-app discounts or free-in game items as incentives to get more people playing and new users to download the app. In addition, offer free shipping, bonuses, gift cards and tailor them around what you know your target demographic would most benefit from.

You can also run contests on different channels to engage with fans of the game and use it as a source of promotion of exclusive deals. Here you can encourage fans to share Black Friday content as well as like and follow your accounts, using this as a way to grow the social awareness of the platform whilst rewarding them with a prize like a free skin on a game etc.. it’s a no brainer, everyone wins!

Partner with Influencers to post spark Ads

Work with a variety of gaming influencers to promote your game in order to broaden your audience and find niche audiences interested in the game, increasing potential buyers. This can be done in numerous ways: live stream playing your game, sponsored content or let them run a contest to their followers. It is effective using influencers as sometimes they have bigger followings than the game itself so they can be very persuasive if they are seen enjoying playing a game. Likewise, letting those influencers have their creative freedom allows for content that truly resonates with their audiences, making it effective marketing!

Yoke Say 🤓

These are only a few of the several marketing strategies the top businesses will be using this Black Friday. But remember! The stats don’t lie.. UGC works and you need to be utilising it. Want to learn more? Check out our platform Yoke Studios for access to..

  • 4,000 quality content Creators!
  • With 100% usage rights!
  • With no minimum ad spend required to use the platform!

If you found this useful then check out our related reads below which offer other insights and statistics for brands to level up their marketing strategies.

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