How to Market an App Using TikTok

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App downloads in 2021 reached an incredible 230 billion which was a huge increase from the years prior. The app market is therefore becoming increasingly more competitive and leaving little room for new businesses to thrive.

App downloads in 2021 reached an incredible 230 billion which was a huge increase from the years prior. The app market is therefore becoming increasingly more competitive and leaving little room for new businesses to thrive. But before you give up, TikTok may just harness the power to make your app stand out over the billions of apps in circulation.

TikTok boasts incredible engagement levels. In other words, people use TikTok a lot and often and it’s clear that the app has an unforgettable impact on society. The app has incredibly high engagement rates and a less competitive algorithm than other social media platforms making this the perfect platform for marketing your app. But where do you start?

Why is TikTok Valuable for App Marketing?

Although there are countless social media platforms that you can choose for your app marketing strategy, TikTok tips the scales. With over 1 billion active users every month and an algorithm that doesn’t take into consideration your follower count or previous video stats, it’s easier than ever to reach your target audience.

The constant use of TikTok, especially by millennials and gen Z, means it’s straightforward for app marketers and developers to expand their online footprint and generate more app downloads. Here are more reasons why TikTok is one of the best options for advertising your app:

• It's easy - TikTok offers an all-in-one platform for advertisers. You have everything you need to launch an app marketing campaign and evaluate the data all in one area.

• You can reach your target audience - The algorithm works by curating a stream of videos for each user based on their interests. Therefore, if you’re marketing a fitness app, it’s more than likely that your campaigns will fall in front of the eyes of gym lovers.

• It's cheaper – Influencer marking is one of the most effective ways to reach your target audience, and TikTok is significantly cheaper compared to other social medial platforms.

• Catch trends early – It’s super easy to jump on trends early which can increase your brand and app recognition. Just look at the search bar!

How Do I Market an App on TikTok?

We now know that TikTok is a great option for app marketing. You can reach your ideal audience affordably and easily. But just how do you do that?

Use an Agency to Partner with Influencers & Creators

Influencers have hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of followers that are usually very highly receptive to their content. By partnering with an influencer, you can reach a whole new audience that will love your product. But where do you start?

Using a TikTok creator network, it’s easier than ever for apps and TikTok creators to collaborate. By using an agency, you can find the perfect influencers and creators to market your app and drive your online sales. At Yoke Network, we help you reach the best audience for your business through our huge network of TikTok creators where we help to come up with award winning campaigns to market your app.

Build Your Profile

Determine what you want to achieve as a brand. Do you solely want to boost app downloads, or do you want to increase brand awareness? Building your profile by generating frequent content is easy for increasing your follower count early. Create a professional and engaging profile with a CTA that encourages users to follow, for example, ‘follow for fitness tips and gym hacks!’.

Create Fun Content

Create content by jumping on trends, making helpful videos and even ‘just for fun’ content. Creating content your followers and target audience want to see will increase your brand awareness making it easier to market your app. Hashtags and sounds are great tools to allow users to find your content more easily and will also help TikTok to categorise your videos.

Create Trends

Yes, following trends is a great way to be found by users, but what about if you start your own? Creating a new trend or challenge that will capture the imagination of your audience can boost your brand’s profile. Choosing a fitness-related challenge with an unused hashtag can quickly turn into a hot trend!

Engage With Your Audience

There are plenty of ways to engage with users. Create ways to creatively engage with your audience with stitches, duets and challenges to spark engagement from them in return.

The Impact of TikTok on Digital Marketing

TikTok has changed how we look at digital marketing. It provides essentially a level playing field when it comes to marketing. Unlike other platforms like Instagram, TikTok’s unique algorithm gives every new video a chance to become viral regardless of the creator’s popularity or status.

More and more businesses are looking at TikTok to increase their brand awareness by creating fun, informative or promotional videos that engage with their audience and encourage engagement back.

Other social media apps are even adapting to keep up with the TikTok trends with Instagram taking a more video-focussed approach to their platform. It looks like short-form video content is here to stay.

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