The brief

Bolt brought us on board to help build brand awareness for them as part of their wider “Online to Offline” campaign and to test creatives for TikTok. Their aim was to target young people, Gen Z and Milennials, living in and around London 

What we did

Using 4 UK based TikTok influencers, we launched a campaign to highlight London re-opening after COVID lockdowns and we tested what messaging converted best on TikTok to create more bookings.

We targeted influencers from what we identified to be the most relevant verticals, lifestyle/couples and comedy/skits.

Influencers strived to incorporate the wider “online -> offline” wider campaign messaging, talking about key reasons to go out and explore the city, and to use Bolt to do so.

How it went

After connecting Bolt with some of London’s top TikTok talent, we used our historical data to create an engaging creative strategy.

By analysing the click through rate and conversion of each creative, we saw that fundamentally British and relatable characters worked best - so we utilised this.

Our test campaign helped Bolt to understand how to best promote the app whilst also building their brand awareness on a brand new platform.

Most importantly, our team of TikTok experts executed the whole campaign so that Bolt could sit back, relax and enjoy the results!

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