Yoke Hook's: Best TikTok Hooks Part 1

Louie Adedeji
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Key Takeways

Yoke's top 10 hooks of the week!

See if the hook is from an organic or advert.

The content type. E.G Gaming or E-commerce

Links to the actual videos!

Welcome to part 1 of Yoke's Weekly TikTok Hook Finder. Our team of experts have trawled through the FYP page and found Hooks you need to be using! We provide data such as the type of video it is (organic or Advert), it's vertical (gaming, non-gaming, e-commerce) and access to the full video!

Hook 1: Organic, Audio, Non-Gaming

'Please tell me I'm not alone but is there anyone out there that thinks they can just do anything in the world'

Hook 2: Advert, Visual, E-Commerce

'It looks a little dizzy'

Hook 3: Advert, Audio, E-commerce

'This is the new Hismile electric toothbrush'

Hook 4: Advert, Audio, E-commerce

'Here's some socially unacceptable things that we need to fix'

Hook 5: Advert, On screen text, E-commerce

'Unbox peach riots with me'

Hook 6: Advert, Visual, Gaming

'Hey welcome to peach burgers'

Hook 7: Advert, Visual, E-commerce

'This is what summer feels like'

Hook 8: Organic, Visual, Non-Gaming

'Paradise on Earth'

Hook 9: Organic, Audio, Non-Gaming

'This is what love is'

Hook 10: Advert, Visual, E-commerce

'Hey if you've never heard of us'

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