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"I knew influencers would be a good way to advertise and Yoke were the perfect platform to help us scale. And guess what? We've been on top of the app charts thanks to them - going from an unknown app to Top 5 in many different countries in only a few weeks. Thank you, Yoke!"

Jacquelin de Maillé
Senior User Acquisition Manager, Luni

"Yoke utilised TikTok to improve our CPA to levels much lower than we’d previously seen. Yoke are a company that are invested in understanding your app and your key audience, to deliver beyond expectations."

Hans De Jongh

"The team at Yoke were able to reach our target audience at a reasonable cost - their communication and friendliness were a bonus too. Their results also showed a huge increase in organic downloads as well as tracked - we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them."

Sebastian Cosentino Jr
Performance Marketing Director, Goalsetter

"Yoke gave us the best offering that exists in the performance-based Influencer Marketing world. We got a great inflow of targeted users, communication was rapid. and the result was the best of it all!"

Polina Polekhina
Influencer Marketing Manager, Vochi

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