The brief

Fam, a live video calling Social Network, were looking to scale their app in the US and reach new users to drive installs. They wanted to target a Gen Z audience who were looking to widen their virtual social circle through online chats, and got us at Yoke on board to help.

What we did

We produced 79 pieces of content in January to quickly scale and hit Fam’s CPI targets through our team of influencer, content, and TikTok experts. We implemented a 5 stage activation roadmap to deliver these results and ensure the app reached the right audiences. 

We used TikTok influencers based in both the US and Canada to help promote Fam using lifestyle, lifehacks, and comedy verticals. We spoke with influencers such as Gracie Nielson (214K followers) and Madison Cooper Harwell (230K followers) to make this happen. These influencers created content which demonstrated how they used Fam to connect with new people and grow their Snapchat accounts too.

How it went

By understanding Fam’s key app messages, audience and pillars, Yoke were able to define a campaign strategy bespoke to them and hit CPI targets too. 

Our expert knowledge built from previous experience running successful social networking campaigns helped us develop a strategy which resulted in Fam breaking into the top 10 of the Social Networking category on the App Store in January, 2022.

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