The brief

HitMeal is a calorie counting app that helps users track their calories and provides them with meal plans/recipes in order to build healthy eating habits based on their goals. HitMeal’s objective was to quickly scale in the US and gain a strong foothold within the Health & Fitness Category.

What we did

Partnering with Health & Fitness apps over the course of the past 5 years has empowered Yoke with invaluable insights, learnings & historical data which helped devise a tailored strategy. Yoke tested fresh creative concepts based on current TikTok trends, seasonality and evergreen content, as well as iterating on previously successful concepts.

How it went

Within the first week of launch, Yoke were able to hit 43% below HitMeal’s target CPA resulting in being able to quickly scale up the campaign. Across the lifetime of the campaign, Yoke achieved 38% below the client’s target! 

Not only were Yoke able to drive phenomenal CPA results, HitMeal broke into the top 50 of the App Store in the US.

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