The brief

Goalsetter, a Finance app aimed at parents and their pre-teens to control spending, automate allowances and provide financial literacy, came to us to help them drive installs at scale in the US, whilst consistently driving a low CPI month to month. They were looking to target Gen Z on TikTok and drive traffic through to download their app.

What we did

We started by speaking with TikTok influencers based in the US who fall under both lifestyle/lifehack, and comedy, which we leveraged to create engaging content that portrayed the target audience and their parents.

The influencers’ content demonstrated the need for pre-teens having a Goalsetter card in a situational context, as well as highlighting some of the key benefits.

Our team of influencer, content and TikTok experts were able to efficiently identify which Tone of Voices worked in order to activate the right creators, and the best converting content. To continue promoting Goalsetter’s App and its key features, we built a strategy based on previous learnings and success - using historical data to inform our decisions

How it went

By applying our learnings from previous months we were able to test new Tone of Voices, as well as optimise the top performing content with more creators. 

We were able to quickly maximise the impact of performing pieces of content by activating a new raft of influencers that would continue to drive a low CPI and drove an increased amount of downloads month to month, as well as significantly reducing the CPI between June and August.

This resulted in over 18.5 million views, as well as achieving over 33,000 downloads. 

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The team at Yoke is great to work with. Their expertise, knowledge and open communication made it a seamless and successful partnership. They helped us achieve numerous goals but the top being cost effective user acquisition, in comparison to other partners we’ve tested with, as well as a huge uplift in organic downloads.

Sebastian Cosentino Jr,

Performance Marketing Director

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