The brief

Blossom is a plant guide app that shows people how to be better plant parents and wanted to drive brand awareness of their app during peak plant months, showing off the latest premium features in their subscription package. We offered to help them with this all whilst maintaining an element of performance with a CPI cap.

What we did

We selected TikTok influencers based in the US to create engaging plant-related content using Lifestyle and PlantTok verticals. General Lifestyle TikTok influencers created practical and easy, daily use cases for the general public.

However, more niche PlantTok TikTok influencers were also selected to create more in-depth content that caters for their established plant-loving audience.

How it went

Our team of influencer, content and TikTok experts were able to efficiently implement a Brand Awareness campaign that converted into actions.

By understanding Blossom’s new app features and learning each month of the campaign, Yoke was able to develop a bespoke campaign strategy that drove millions of views for Blossom.

Drove huge reach and secondarily installs at scale for Blossom by producing content tailored for 2 unique audiences (Lifestyle & PlantTok).

And we’re all about the results… so over a 20% drop in CPI in just 2 months was a massive win. 

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