Halloween marketing Strategies: Spooky Cosmetics and Updates in Mobile Gaming

Louie Adedeji
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Key Takeways

Use UGC for your Halloween Campaigns

Make use of Halloween content and themes in your games, like gamplay features or discounts around the spooky time

Clash of Clans and Diablo: Immortal  have both seen success from Halloween marketing

Engage with your community to maximise this period

Halloween isn’t just an opportunity to give yourself the excuse to eat sweets and dress up as your favourite villain or monster, it's an opportunity to capitalise on your marketing efforts!Here at Yoke we understand the importance of capitalising on key retail dates across the year, and with the arrival of Q4.. halloween provides gaming brands the perfect chance to scare off their competitors this october! But don't be fooled, stats show gaming consumers care about this date, on Twitch we saw that ‘On the day of Halloween alone there were 3,263,346 hours streamed.’ with the viewership of the horror genre increasing ‘a whopping 38.763%’ from September to October in 2021. (according to Gamesight )So don't worry, we've got you covered this halloween , in this blog we’ll show you the perfect marketing strategies to implement this month!

The Halloween UGC Opportunity

Halloween, the time of year when things get scary, presents an amazing chance for gaming brands to shine. You might wonder, why is Halloween such a big deal for mobile gaming marketing? Well, it's like this: Halloween and gamers go together hand in hand, like witches and broomsticks!

Why? Because Halloween is all about fun, creativity, and a bit of a thrill, just like gaming. The themes of Halloween, with all its horror, fantasy, and escapism, fit perfectly with the gaming world. It's like the holiday was made for gamers.

But it's not just about themes and vibes. Halloween also brings a massive surge in gamer activity. As the holiday season kicks in, players are on the hunt for fresh experiences, limited-time deals, and special Halloween content. This means they spend more time gaming, and they're more willing to invest in their gaming experience.

When gaming brands embrace Halloween and adapt their marketing strategies accordingly, they often see incredible results. You're looking at increased user engagement, longer gaming sessions, and more players jumping on board. In other words, Halloween is like a turbo boost for your mobile game's marketing.

This is where you need to be taking advantage of UGC! We know creator led videos out perform standard ads on TikTok. why?

- 65% better at capturing attention

- 91% are watched for longer

-12% more engaging

The stats don't lie.. make the most this halloween and use UGC.

Leveraging halloween themes

So, let's talk about how gaming brands can make the most of Halloween themes. It's a bit like  finding the perfect pumpkin for your jack-o'-lantern—it's the key to carving out a Halloween masterpiece! These  themes can give your mobile games that extra oomph and get players excited.

Think about it: creepy cosmetics, spooky characters, and limited-time Halloween offers can make your game stand out. Players love that stuff! They want to immerse themselves in the Halloween spirit, and your game can be their ticket to a virtual Halloween party.

Creating Spooky Content

Now, let's talk about creating some spooky content. When it comes to marketing your game for Halloween, think of it like making a scary movie trailer. You want to give players a sneak peek of the thrilling experience they'll have in your game during the spooky season.

This is where the magic happens. You can create trailers, social media posts, and promotions that scream "Halloween." And you know what? Players love a good scare or a dose of Halloween magic. We'll show you some examples of mobile game marketing campaigns that nailed it with their Halloween content.

Clash of Clans: Halloween 22 Event

According to GameRefinery, Supercell, the renowned developers of Clash of Clans, strategically created a town hall spooky themed update as they knew this was historically a period where there was more user engagement. This resulted in an amazing 500% increase in downloads! 

Alongside this, they done the following:

  • Limited-time in-app purchase for a new Halloween base skin, the Pumpkin Graveyard Scenery, 
  • Introducing limited-time units (Giant Skeleton and Royal Ghost) 
  • Two new challenges: the 'Spooky Challenge' and the 'Super Spooky Challenge,' each with varying levels of difficulty.

This major success shows us the effectiveness of utilising this festive time.

Diablo Immortal 2022 Halloween Event

According to Snowbird Game, Diablo Immortal, a game renowned for its dark and undead-themed gameplay, embraced Halloween by launching its inaugural seasonal event, 'Hallow’s Wake.' This event immersed players in a limited-time experience teeming with eerie challenges and rewards. Participants were charged with vanquishing ghastly foes and collecting Hallowed Stones, which they could exchange for Halloween-themed emotes and cosmetic items. Furthermore, the event provided players with special bundle offers and introduced fresh crafting materials for crafting rare in-game items.

Engaging with the community

Alright, now let's get into the fun part: engaging with your gaming community during Halloween. It's kind of like hosting a costume party—it's about getting everyone embracing the festivities.

Halloween-themed events, challenges and contests can bring your community closer together. It's like inviting them to join in on a night of trick or treating. Plus, when players are excited and engaged, they're more likely to keep playing and sharing your game with their friends.

Measuring success and results📊

Lastly, to measure the success of your Halloween marketing efforts. It's a bit like checking the candy haul after a night of trick-or-treating—you want to see how well you did!

You'll want to keep an eye on important metrics to know if your Halloween campaign was a hit. Things like downloads, revenue, and engagement can tell you how well you scared up some success. 

Yoke says🤓

Alright, we've covered a lot about how Halloween is a golden opportunity for gaming brands. It's like having a bag full of candy just waiting for you to open.

In a nutshell, Halloween lets you tap into the gamer's love for all things fun and spooky. By getting creative with themes, creating Halloween content, and engaging with your gaming community, you can make the most of this holiday season.

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