The brief

Wink, a social network that allows people from all over the world to make new friends, brought us on to scale their app across the world in the USA, CA, UK, AUS, NZ, and IRE to maximize views on content. With the aim of targeting a Gen Z audience who’d be looking to connect with old and new friends, we delve into our strategy.

What we did

Yoke started by speaking to TikTok influencers based in both the US and UK to help promote Wink using lifestyle and comedy verticals, working with Influencers to create content which illustrated the growth of their Snapchat accounts as well as how they were seamlessly able to connect with friends.

We aided Wink to maximize content views and scale with influencers that resonate with their target market. Our team of influencer and TikTok content experts seamlessly completed our Learning Stage 2, positioning Wink for a successful Scaling Stage.

How it went

We were able to exceed initial goals due to the expertise  Yoke Network has fostered. This is the result of executing successful campaigns through all 5 stages for previous social networking clients.

By understanding Wink’s key features, target audience and pillars, Yoke was able to accurately develop a bespoke campaign strategy to maximize views, and progress into the Scaling Stage.

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