January 12, 2021 12:41 PM

We've hit 3 Million followers!

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If you haven’t heard yet, we’ve hit 3 million on the Wave House ( TikTok account!😱🚀

A couple of weeks ago, our founder Jidé Maduako talked to the Evening Standard, as part of a feature written by Sam Fishwick all about our project. Drawing on his background as a pro player for Leicester City Football Club, Jidé explained the role Yoke plays in the growing trend for young people to pursue influencing as a full-time career:

“We’re professionalising content creators like football clubs do their academy stars, in a controlled environment where creators can hone their craft.”

Regarding people who enjoy warning influencers that their jobs won’t be around tomorrow, he said:

“TikTok is like cryptocurrency was – it’s enormously undervalued right now.” 💡

This is because even though some TikTok stars currently make £2,000 a week per million followers from commercial deals, Jidé believes this figure could increase fivefold over the next year.

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