January 12, 2021 12:41 PM

Social Apps

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Create buzz through Yoke’s Creator Network

We have thousands of influencers signed up to our creator network that would make the perfect partner to promote your social app. By understanding the key features, target audience and goals of your social app, we can work with influencers to create a buzz and boost users. Whether you’re a business launching a new social app or an app developer, we can help your social app grow.

The power of TikTok can boost your growth

TikTok uses a unique discovery algorithm that gives every video an equal chance to go viral. This makes the app perfect for rapid scaling, fast growth and allows for marketing experimentation.

Social apps dominate the online space as new apps like BeReal shoot to popularity among Gen Z’s due to the unique way to discover who your connections really are. It is therefore a perfect time to promote your social app through Yoke’s creator network. We partner with influencers to promote your app through specific verticals to boost views, followers and downloads.  

How we can help your social app rise

We work with the most influential TikTok creators in your space to produce engaging, fun and informative content that promotes your app. Each creator targets a certain demographic, and we determine which influencer following is best for your brand through thorough analysis and research.

With our team of TikTok experts and creators, we can collectively work to implement a campaign that drives downloads and opens it up to a wider market. Content like reviews, walkthroughs, first impressions and hacks can encourage user engagement and UGC, and with the right strategy, it may even go viral!

We have helped many apps in the social network space grow their user base and take their app to a wider market including Fam. During this campaign, we used lifestyle, life hacks and comedy verticals which resulted in the swift scale of the app.

Utility Apps

People are relying on utility apps more than ever to fulfil functional needs like paying bills, checking weather forecasts, and even reading text aloud.

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Photo/Video Editing Apps

We can help your photo and video editing app take on a wider market by partnering you with creators who have the perfect follower demographic for your business.

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Health & Fitness Apps

Unlike traditional marketing agencies, we look to drive long-term results using data, insights and testing.

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