January 12, 2021 12:41 PM

FinTech Apps

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We can boost engagement and app installs through our TikTok creator network

As more people move to TikTok to learn how to manage their finances, how to budget and how to invest, it’s probably the best time for you to grab a slice of the pie. Yoke’s creator network hosts thousands of influencers who can help increase awareness of your fintech app and drive installs through influencer marketing. We deliver results by using historical data, tangible insights and consistent testing and work with relevant creators to hit your goals. Find out more about how we can help you grow your fintech app by getting in touch now.

Why TikTok marketing is right for your fintech app

With such a large audience, TikTok is home to a diverse range of users with 70% being under 24 years old and stepping into financial independence. With this transition comes the interest in personal finance, mortgages, banking and investment, making this the perfect time to market your fintech app on TikTok.

Money tracking apps, crowdfunding platforms, cryptocurrency apps and budgeting apps are just some of the ways Gen Z and Millennials are keeping track of their finances. And with the rise of ‘fin-fluencers’, these generations are way more open to relying on technology for financial services and help.

How we can help

Our experts keep up to date with the latest TikTok trends and influencers, and due to the surge in people searching for finance and money-saving tips, why should your brand miss out? We will work closely with you to identify your target audience, USP and more to create a campaign tailored to your goals.  Our team of experts and creators can collectively work together to create engaging content that encourages user interaction, app downloads and user-generated content to quickly grow your brand.

With TikTok’s unique algorithm, there is always a chance that your fintech app can go viral, which is exactly what happened when we worked with Goalsetter. During this campaign, we used lifestyle, life hack and comedy verticals to target their audience. We were able to maximise the impact of performing pieces of content which resulted in 18.5 million views and 33,000 downloads!

Whether you’re a business launching a new app, an app developer or an app development company, we can help grow your fintech app through TikTok influencer marketing. Get in touch now.

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