How TikTok made "Roxanne" hit 100 million streams on Spotify in one month

Ercan Boyraz

If you haven’t had the song “Roxanne” stuck in your head, mumbling the lyrics on your way to work or in the elevator going up to your office then you’re one of the fortunate few. 

Arizona Zervas’s incredibly catchy hit single has taken the world by storm with over 100 million streams on Spotify. The song has also earned a top 10 ranking in the UK charts and is 27th in the US, up 7 places since last week. 

“Roxanne’s” popularity isn’t due to traditional means however. The song was launched into the spotlight by the hottest new social media platform TikTok, where users post creative short form videos which incorporate a song of the creator’s choice. 

Since it’s emergence on the platform in October, Arizona Zervas’s single has received over one million shares. The song has been used to compliment dance videos, comedy skits, pranks, trick shots and many other creative executions. It has been shared by ordinary TikTok users and celebrities alike. The combined views on TikTok for videos with the Roxanne soundtrack are in the billions. 

Music is at the core of the TikTok experience and the song has inspired the masses to incorporate the upbeat rap song in creative ways. Due to TikTok’s algorithm which pushes creative videos to larger audiences, it’s no surprise that Roxanne has received the incredible traction that we are seeing.

The “Roxanne” case study goes to show the increasing influence of TikTok in today’s world as well as the marketing potential of the platform, especially for music labels.

All brands can utilise viral trends on TikTok, whether it’s the hottest new rap song or the latest meme or challenge, TikTok may be the best new avenue to reach people in creative and engaging ways, at a greater scale than other social media platforms.

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