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How long does it take for my application to get approved?

We aim to make a decision on all applications within 24 hours, however due to demand sometimes it may take slightly longer. if you have any further questions about your application please email: verify@yokenetwork.com

How often do I get paid?

You get paid every Friday via Paypal. Please make sure you have added your Paypal to your profile in the app so that you can receive payment smoothly. Any payout questions please email: payouts@yokenetwork.com

How long does it take to get paid?

You should receive your payout within 24 hours of receiving the payment notification.

How do I track my performance?

You can see how you are performing by downloading the Yoke app and checking the statistics page.

Is the Yoke app available on Android?

Yes our app is available on both iOS and Android.

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What is the minimum budget to start a campaign?

We can get a campaign started from as little as 5000 installs.

How long does it take to start a campaign?

We can get a campaign started in 7 days once all terms are signed and agreed.

What countries can you target?

We target the USA and UK markets, However if you are interested in using our services in another market please enquire: hello@yokenetowork.com

How many influencers will be advertising for me?

We have a network of over 1000 influencer and we are growing daily.

Can I see the influencers that are advertising my app?

Yes. We give clear visibility to our advertisers as to who is promoting their product.

Do I have to provide content?

Additionally, using our internal strategies our design team will create content for influencers to use and guide influencers when advertising during your campaign. If you are able to provide content then we can use this and optimise the content over the course of the campaign.

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