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TikTok is the perfect platform to promote your health or fitness app. The platform is popular among millions of people, particularly Gen Z, with 70% of them already using apps to track their health. With an increasing number of health and wellness influencers on the platform, TikTok has become the go-to destination for information about food and nutrition, fitness, life advice, and mindfulness. It is a great place to reach your audience.

We help you generate more app installs through our TikTok creator network

Unlike traditional marketing agencies we look to drive long-term results using data, insights and testing. We focus on scaling mobile apps through TikTok with our network of 4000+ creators and expertise in short form video content tailored for mobile user acquisition. Knowing the right creators to use and the right creative to produce in order to reach your intended audience is the key to success for health and fitness apps on TikTok. We use historical data from our campaigns and thorough market research into your app category to craft a campaign strategy that will allow you to achieve your UA and marketing goals. At Yoke Network we’ve helped grow some of the biggest health and fitness apps in the world and have the insights to scale your app as well! 

Health is wealth

TikTok is probably the best platform to advertise your health or fitness app. It’s a big deal among millions of people, especially gen Z, with 70% of them already using apps to track their health. With the rise of more health and wellness influencers on TikTok, it’s become the place to be for learning about food and nutrition, fitness, life advice, and mindfulness. 

Health and fitness apps are a convenient way for people to stay on track. With popular apps like MyFitnessPal, it’s easier than ever to track calories and workouts in an attempt to reach health goals. By downloading apps, users can take the first step toward their goals and can monitor their progress easily on their phones. The frequent nudges by notifications help to motivate and stay on track without the pressure of a real-life PT. This makes health, wellness and fitness apps a popular choice among millions of people. 

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How we help you reach the right users

With over 4000 influencers, we will grow your brand through the help of quality content curation, user generated content and collaboration. Each TikTok content creator targets a certain demographic, and after analysing your brand, we determine the creators who can make content best suited to your target audience. These creators will then create helpful, fun, and engaging content to help your app fall onto the FYP of potential customers. With TikTok now allowing up to 10-minute-long videos, creators can explore different types of content from App reviews, testimonials to daily vlogs.  

Advertising on the TikTok For You page is crucial for all health and fitness apps trying to grow. TikTok has a highly engaged audience and allows you to reach millions of people through short form video content. There are also multiple relevant content categories that health and fitness apps can utilise to drive results, all with different audiences. These are fitness content (FitTok or GymTok), lifestyle (daily life), food (foodtok) and sports (football, basketball, athletics) to name a few that have been successful for our previous campaigns. 

Using the powers of social media, we have helped hundreds of apps in the health and fitness space build their user base, increase app downloads and take their app to a wider market, just like one of our successful projects, Nutrition Coach. During this project, we worked with popular UK and US-based TikTok creators to achieve 1.4 million installs in just 9 months, and they even reached the #1 spot on the App Store for health and fitness apps in the UK!

Whether you’re a business launching a new app, an app developer, or an app development company, we can utilise our connections with TikTok creators to help take your health and fitness app to a whole new level.

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